Energy surrounds us every day, and with the right tools, we can use it to recalibrate our mind and body.

BioCharger NG is a health optimization platform designed to provide a stimulating and revitalizing energy supply for the whole body, improving health, wellness and athletic performance. Whether you want to accelerate muscle recovery, sleep better, or go about your day with more energy,  BioCharger treatments can help you perform at your best.


  • Relief: Say goodbye to brain fog and chronic pain by revitalizing weakened cells and activating your natural magnetic energy!
  • Restore: Recover faster and easier from injuries and difficult workouts quickly and easily with an improved recovery process.
  • Flexibility: Promote muscle recovery and reduce uncomfortable joint stiffness. Finally, you can touch your toes without bending your knees!
  • Comfortable: Eliminate growing pains and live out each day with youthful energy, increased mobility and enhanced endurance.
  • Energy: Get ready to jump out of bed long before your alarm clock goes off and achieve all your goals with a renewed sense of positivity.
  • Happiness: When your mind and body are working in harmony, you will find that you really have no choice but to go above.

The BioCharger NG can also treat long-term illnesses and diseases by reducing chronic pain, exhaustion, stress, and high blood pressure. It has also been used to support cancer therapy and as a component of Lyme disease treatment.

Starting From

THB 1,500

per session

How Does Biocharger NG Perform in Velaa Wellness?

A tiny electrical current flows through each of our cells. When this energy is out of balance, it can signify cell malfunction, resulting in less-than-ideal performance in the physical, mental, or emotional domains and a slower rate of injury healing.

The BioCharger NG facilitates cell recharging by using light, voltage, pulsed electromagnetic fields, frequencies & harmonics, and four other energy sources. Your cells take in such energies and raise their voltage while you are seated in front of the device.

At Velaa Wellness, we have expert surgeons with immense knowledge about the therapy and are devoted to improving your overall energy level.

Get in touch with us for more details on using our performance and wellness tools with BioCharger NG therapy.