Deep Vitamin Therapy

Restore energy with cutting-edge, personalised IV vitamin therapy designed for modern lifestyle. Efficient and effective way to give your body nutrients that it needs to support overall wellbeing.

What to Expect:

  • Scientifically formulated IV therapy, 100% absorption
  • Create a healthy glow from inside out
  • Give a boost your body needs to thrive
Starting From

THB 1,500

per session

Velaa Wellness wants to reframe the conversation about well-being, fitness, and health. Imagine living in a society where we could perform physically and mentally to the best of our abilities. 

We’ve been advised time and time again to alter our lifestyles, eat healthily, and exercise frequently. Still, this is challenging for many of us due to the quality of our foods, our surroundings, and our vitamin inadequacies. 

These elements can cause exhaustion, mental fog, depression, pain, and hormone problems, all of which have the potential to progress into more severe illnesses. We can enjoy the advantages of leading a happier, healthy, and more active life by including the proper minerals and vitamins in our diets.

As the top provider of IV vitamin drips in Bangkok, we provide a distinctive selection of intravenous drips, all created by our team of doctors and given by skilled nurses after a thorough consultation. Each IV has a different mix of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.